CC Channel 於2014年成立,主要為貓咪提供合適美容服務及高級用品。我們以貓為中心, 


CC Channel was found in 2014.  We are a Purely Cat-oriented shop mainly providing cats grooming and selling premium pets products.  We care our furry child with natural and homeopathy relief from inside out of the body as well as spiritual health.



CC Channel。




貓咪要靚,一定要有均衡營養。呢款TC Feline cat food premix 配合生肉處理後,能為貓咪提供全面既飲食需要。

Cat toys, going to be delivered from Japan. Coming soon!

Episode 2 : Amazing Items from Japan
第二輯       : 東瀛百寶袋

A balanced diet is the secret of beauty. Raw meat with TC feline cat food premix can provide a complete and balanced cat diet.

Episode 1 : CC's Beauty Secret
第一輯       : CC的美麗日記