1. Nutri-Cal 營養膏

​2. Felovite II 補充維他命及礦物質

​3. Laxatone 吐毛膏

Using powdered supplement premix TCfeline in combination with fresh raw meat enables you to prepare the best cat food.

TCfelice 營養粉需配合生肉為錨咪提供最佳貓食

Feline Instincts products provide a simple way to provide a balanced raw food diet for your pet.

Feline Instincts 多款產品為配合進食生肉餐的錨咪提供均衡營養

Vetri-Lysine Plus helps support your cat's immune system. Soft chews with chicken liver flavor that cats find irresitable.

Vetri-Lysine Plus 能增加貓咪抵抗力,雞肝香味令貓咪難以抗拒。

Hairball Paw-Gel contains natural oils and lubricants.

Nutri-Vet 吐毛膏,以天然油製成。

Papai Soluble is a palatable daily probiotic supplement for your cats.


Kronch Salmon Oil is extremely healthy and tasty supplement for your cats.


For skin repair, shinier and thicken coats. Made in Taiwan

由台灣生產的鱉魚粉,能修護皮膚, 毛髮亮麗和增加毛量。

Cat Supplements