Jerob, produce premium pet grooming supplies for the most demanding users.

Jerob 多款洗護產品獲美國專業繁殖者及美容師一致推介

1. Oxyfresh Pet Gel 潔牙消炎凝膠

2. Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution 潔淨口腔添加液

3. Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner


PetzLife Oral care gel and spray work fast and  to prevent plaque, control bacteria and bad breath. PetzLife 潔牙噴霧和凝膠能清除牙菌膜, 控制細菌和口氣

VetzLife Oral care gel and spray helps to remove plaque, heal gums and prevent future build-up.

VetzLife 潔牙噴霧和凝膠能清除牙菌膜, 治療牙肉及防止牙菌膜再生

Try Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover and watch the stains disappear

Eye Envy 去淚痕粉套裝,能有效清除貓咪淚痕鏽色

Cat Care

Chris Christensen - the essence of quality in show products.

Chris Christensen 美國品牌,出產多款寵物清潔用品及美容工具,排梳、針梳、黃金梳等等。 

Doggyman 's Honey Smile provides a variety of grooming tools, comb and  nail cutter. 

Doggyman 既 Honey Smile 系列美容工具:指甲剪、梳等,能有效修剪貓咪毛髮和指甲。 

Groomer's Goop cream and liquid is designed for de-greasing and tackling tough cleanups. Non-toxic and biodegradable.     

Groomer's Goop 去油膏和去油乳霜能有效去除油脂、黑頭和頑固污詬。天然無毒性,能自然分解。

Show Season Naturals-Green Grooming products formulated from organic plants and safe for kittens and cats.

Show Season Naturals-Green 洗護系列由多款有機植物煉製,安全可靠,大貓和貓bb均適用

1. Mind up Teeth Brush 貓用牙刷

2. Mind up Teeth Cleaner 


​3. Mind up Peeling Knife 牙石刀